Sam Battersby

Ziggy's been wandering the world (this week in Australia) meeting great and interesting artisans and he's been chatting to Sam aka Matou en Peluche who's principally herself, chief artist, illustrator and drawing machine! 

Also greatly assisted by a partner who's a technical genius and all round good guy - Matou en Peluche means Plush Tomcat and under this banner produces original drawings, cards, posters, prints and badges.

Sam's been drawing and making things enthusiastically since whenever.  Favourite thing is to spend the day drawing - preferably lovely looking girls - drinking cups of tea and listening to music.  She thinks she's a bit of a closet hermit!  So here's the questions Sam .........

Why do you do what you do?

I've always enjoyed making and creating! I've worked in many different mediums, oils, clay, decoupage e.t.c. but I always come back to drawing. I think I like the absolute control you get with a pencil in your hand! I also find the actually process both rewarding and very relaxing.

Do you work in silence or music blasting or ......?

When I'm initially nutting out an idea, silence. If I've got the basics down and am doing the final bits then a bit of music never goes astray!

What's your routine before you create ?

My routine is I don't have one - it's all a bit in the lap of the gods!

Who's your favourite designer / artist / musician or song at the moment?

I'm very inspired by Mad Men actually at the moment. I'm watching season 4 episode by episode on I-tunes and it's just the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion!

Chocolate or cheese?

Cheese most definitely! Preferably brie, camembert, jarlsberg or blue castello!

What is your PLAN B?..

I teach English as a second language to students from overseas.

What have you learned about being a creative?

I've learned that you must above all be patient and persevere.
Who do you think Ziggy should interview next?

Golly! I think it's interesting reading about anyone who's creating!

Any advice for him ...

Stay cute!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and I wish Sam lots of success and happiness in everything he does!  I'm jealous - Australia is beckoning me too - maybe next year!!!

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